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  1. Its going fine at the moment
  2. All good this end me old china! Haven't been on much recently, life's been hectic but I'm doing great thanks.

    How about you mate? All ok?
  3. Long time no see's it going china
  4. Thanks for putting me over;->
  5. It's the quality of the posts mate, not the quantity... And you've def got the quality!
  6. Just 282 but I can do better.If it wasn't for university I would've atleast transformed to a God by now considering my join date.
  7. No worries mate. And Thomas does look adorable back then, now he can walk and talk and he's a bag of mischief! Lol

    What was your post count?
  8. Thanks bro and I must admit the baby looks so adorable.
  9. Hey mate!

    If you go to the "new posts" page and look along the columns, you'll see "views" and "replies" The replies should be highlighted in blue (link), click on that and a new page will open giving you all of JBW post counts. You can do this on all threads.

    I have three boys, one of which (the baby) is in the pics. The other one (dressed as mr t with me) is my nephew.

    Hope this helps bud!
  10. Hey china, you were telling something about finding the post count in a particular thread(JBW),can you elaborate?PS:Is that you with your kid in your album pic?
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