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  1. We're doing alright broski.
  2. Good man! How's things over at Jabe?
  3. Actually I don't follow EWNCW but now that you are a part of it, I guess I'll sneak peak into their shows
  4. Yeah man! Made it about a month and a half ago now. It was at EWNCW's last PPV
  5. Hey broski did you made your debut for EWNCW? I was kinda looking forward to it.
  6. Ready as I'll ever be, man Looking forward to it!
  7. Hello champ,Draft show is coming up.I hope you are prepared for Rome,Jman & that other guy
  8. If the writers can find a way of making it happen then im all for it bro, Major $$$!
  9. Hey I was thinking maybe they should do the Warfare world champion vs Mayhem world champion. In other words Snair vs KJ = $$
  10. Thanks man.Considering my join date, it took me forever to get there.
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