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  1. Aye Boss-man what do you think of the pm I sent you,is it that bad?
  2. Just sorting things out with Zapph.

    About twenty hours from now I'd say. Sunday night for me.
  3. How's the draft show coming along?
  4. Ghost mode????
  5. On it bossman
  6. Lol, you're in ghost mode


    I haven't heard from Mana in a while, and its Definition of Defiance vs Two Of A Kind at the PPV. Without Manabu it will be hard to get around... Maybe he could have his mic cut off before he can talk or something.

    I need it ASAP
  7. Yeah, he's my new character
  8. Hey is the Brick character played by you?
  9. Sent you the promo boss!
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