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  1. How's it going straights? Hope to see you in JBW soon
  2. I'm doing fine mate & thanks for the compliment
  3. Thanks man! Seems like we haven't spoken in ages. Hope you don't think that means I've been meaning to duck you or anything. I've just been real busy as of late. Anyway, how's you? Loving you're work on Warfare lately. 'Bu vs. Snair is a dream match.
  4. Awesome work with Mayhem bro!!!
  5. Finally SES is back on EWN :-P
  6. Great job with Mayhem* shameless pandering*
  7. Thanks for the help SES but I took the easy way out;-)
  8. Thank you so much man. I haven't been ignoring your messages either, I was just ridiculously busy yesterday. I'll def be helping you out with that link in a moment.
  9. Great show dude.It lived upto its hype.
  10. Hey if you have any free time after posting Mayhem can you please respond to the pm about links.
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