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  1. 'Hipster Racism' never heard that term before, but it is quite apt, and I will admit that I did come off as a 'hipster racist'. If I offended you then I'm sorry, It really wasn't intended as it was only jokes. #thuglife
  2. Nope, I'm actually black. And you cannot speak for me by saying there isn't an issue if I found there to be one. You should really take some time to read this and to educate yourself on a few things:
  3. I was just about to reply to you in the 'n word' thread, but it appears to have been closed. Just out of interest are you black or white? Because you seem to taking issue here where there really isn't one? I'm guessing your white, and this is your white guilt showing Hey, of course I get the implications and i would never use the word 'nigger' with the 'ER' but given the right context I will freely use the word 'nigga' with the 'A' because that makes all the difference. ER = bad, we all know this. A = pretty much a term of endearment used in 99.9999999999999999999999999% of hip hop and rap music. Brush the sand out of your vagina and lighten up man
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