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  1. Any chance you could do fillers please dude?
  2. I'm here to let you know that my D-Young promo will come to you in the morning. I've only got one class and it's almost done but it's getting late for me.
  3. Alright. I'll begin with the fillers.
  4. Yeah, cheers dude .

    You can do fillers if you like.
  5. You should have it now. Since we're not using her, I'm assuming, I cut her out.
  6. Oh. I thought you meant the promo as a whole. The thing is, it needs to be modified a little bit because I cut it off at the end so Sable can come in and finish the promo. That shouldn't take long and I'll have it sent to you shortly.
  7. Do you not have it in your sent items? GG missed the deadline, and I'm moving forward with just your part.
  8. I don't have it. My part was sent to G.G.
  9. Could you send me the Brock promo please dude?
  10. Awesome job dude
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