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  1. Understandable bro. Do you think you'll have it by tomorrow? Or should i work around it?
  2. Haven't started. I have finals all week.
  3. Hey how goes your promo bro?
  4. Hye how goes that bombshell promo?
  5. Hey just an fyi, the show is being done on Friday this week, so I need your promo by Friday at 4 pm. I know that bumps up the deadline by a day and I apologize, but its just how it has to be!
  6. Yep. You guys are making the right choices and I'm glad to see you guys take off the ground.
  7. So u glad u joined iwa bro?
  8. Naw. I'm fine.
  9. Did u want to go back and forth with that promo? Or just want me to send my part and yours to Des?
  10. Good to hear
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