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  1. Hey, I posted something in the IWA thread, for those who most likely won't have a match for DFI. I'm repost it on everyone's walls so I know everyone has seen it.

    Now, to bring in the next point. Within the next 2 chaos's, all of the matches for destined for immortality will have been announced and official. If you don't have a match, or are not embroyled in a feud right now, will be showcased in a pre show battle royal. I will determine the winner of this battle royal, based on ICing. So even if you don't have a feud...IC IC IC IC IC!!!
  2. yep. I gave you kudos for the first person getting their promo done in the IWA thread
  3. Got my promo?
  4. Oh i believe ya I just did a check with everyone who is involved in a pair or bigger type of promo
  5. I'll have it before then. Trust me.
  6. Well...the PM said 2 weeks from the last next friday the 11th
  7. When do you need it?
  8. Hey how goes the promo bro?
  9. Np. I will
  10. If you could, try to work around it please.
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