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  1. Happy Birthday!
  2. Yo' You better do what Ash & Shaz are saying..
    Those guys are crazy, who know's what they will do otherwise.
  3. Jelly, are you able to do that smaller promo? Let me know man.
  4. Space is cleared.
  5. I'm also going out in a little while and not sure when I will be back online here.

    So yeah, clear that Inbox Jelly-Man! I'll send it ASAP then.
  6. Space is cleared.
  7. Clear some inbox space bro!
  8. Jelly, is the Ryback promo done? I have a feeling it is, but, that one has not reached me I'm afraid.
  9. Yeah very enjoyable man.

    I agree with it behind Avengers but I can't choose between the Iron Mans, I guess I would have the film behind all three just because Iron Man is awesome.

    What's the next one now, Avengers Two right? Age of Ultron I think, something like that.
  10. I saw it on opening day. Awesome stuff.

    3rd best MCU film behind The Avengers and Iron Man 1.
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