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  1. I'm not training to be a wrestler yet. Like I said, I have to get my body in shape but in regards to that, it's been going great. It's still a pretty rocky start with me trying to get my body to feel less pain as the exercises increase in rigor but it's still worth it.
  2. Hey K2Jelly has your wrestling training going? Just today I just got a check for a 1000 dollars just to wrestle, so I'm going to be training daily now Haha.
  3. That's awesome, if I can do it you can to. Your going to love it and you already love the business. (You wouldn't be on here if you didn't) So I'm sure you'll do well.
  4. Just letting you know, I plan on training for professional wrestling in a year's time. I'm using the year between now and then to start working out and getting in shape before I get involved with training. Thanks for the inspirations and I hope to see you in the ring!
  5. Oh thanks for pointing it out
  6. You're supposed to send all those parts to Vandarius, not me.
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