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  1. You know that "thing" I was trying to start? Sorry. Doesn't look like it'll be happening. Not enough support. Just thought I'd let you know.
  2. Alright then. Thanks for letting me know. I'll tell you if I want to speak in it or not.
  3. Turns out Eddie explained, I read the assignment wrong and that Note isn't meant to speak in the segment simply be there so if you want to I'll just finish it and send you a copy anyways. If you really want to speak in it let me know to leave some leeway for you to speak or if you really can't to finish it in my go at it.
  4. Could you finish up the IWA promo and I'll end it?
  5. Works perfect.
  6. You'll have it tomorrow.
  7. How's the IWA promo coming along?
  8. Alright. Space cleared.
  9. Can you clear some space in your inbox, please?
  10. Worked out great
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