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  1. doesn't matter apparently. they are probably going to restructure chaos now
  2. I got it already.
  3. Did you get mine and shin's parts of the promo?
  4. I love you, you raven haired minx!
  5. For the love of Jesus, YES!


  6. did you get my pm about the fantasy stuff
  7. Happy Birthday Jelly!
  8. oh yea... we'll im first on the list for something that I have moved on from, that he obviously caused... So there! Also a team name like the UnBEARables? or maybe BEARly Stoppable, once again, a working team name.
  9. Might as well.

    But seriously, to hell with him. I'm the first one on the scene to say that Ill help him out. Then, one of the mods tells me not to get involved so I don't. Then, when he asks me my opinion on everything that happened, I tell him I don't want to get involved which apparently, makes me a dick. Oh and he says that he's always thought this way about e yet I'm one of the first people he goes to for help.
  10. Hey man! me and you are in da same group in the "Bear being funny blog". SWEET! we should make a team. Dixon and Romulos... We need a name.... Like The EGO Trippers or something. it is a working title.
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