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  1. Looks like you win about Kane BTW
  2. Thanks, appreciated!
  3. Hey, man. What's up?

    *looks down at the last two VM's*

    Oh, it's your birthday?! Um....yeah, I totally knew about that. In fact, that's why I was here. Um.....Happy Birthday? :C
  4. Sorted out for you. I had to knock things on to the next post too to make it fit. Tricky stuff, and it's good fortune that there was enough room to bump things into the next post! Hope it's appreciated.
  5. You posted that on your own profile, you fool!
    PM coming!
  6. Your inbox is full, FAT BOY!
  7. Could you send me the bios for KayFabulous that I sent you, fat boy?
  8. That's ok man, we're all in order now!
  9. Sorry about the mix-up. But the one that says #2 is the one you should definitely use second.
  10. That would be great man, I don't want to mess things up because the ones I do have are awesome! But I only have 3 here, 2 of them labeled as 'segment #3' even though they're completely different lol!
    But thanks man!
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