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  1. Hahaha! That would've been awesome.
  2. I wish they would've brought The Blue Meanie back and let JBL shoot on him the entire night.
  3. True. Most ECW guys are drugged out of their mind, though.
  4. Oh yeah. True. They could've brought any ECW legend back though.
  5. The were in the home of ECW, Philadelphia.
  6. Were they in Yonkers, NY for the Slammys or did you just know?
  7. FYI, I totally called Dreamer being Miz and ADR's partner. I marked for him, too.
  8. Nobody else saw that coming? Show's in Brooklyn, it's obviously a comedy match, wasn't it obvious? Guess not.

    But thanks, chief. I gotta get back to doing the PC's.
  9. I can't believe you were right about the Brooklyn Brawler. You should have gotten 1,000 points if that was Prediction Contest question. XD
  10. Sent you our thing. You probably know that by now.
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