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  1. Yo, the PPV's going on now.
  2. Any time, Rob.
  3. OK cool, thanks for that
  4. I see all the spam in the bin but I don't see "moderated".
  5. Everyone I ask to do this goes offline! Can you please go into the Site News & Suggestions section and tell me if you can see all the spam posts lined up in there? Also if you can see the word "Moderated" before the title? Cheers
  6. Dude....that was SO 3 days ago! It's not even an issue now
  7. I figured that with the @-hole I've been lately, you'd have been MUCH harsher. Thanks for taking it easy on me!
  8. Thanks. I've been looking to use that pic for a bit now
  9. lol

    Nice work.
  10. Surprise me.
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