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  1. My sentiments exactly but Im not sure it'll happen. i think he burnt all his bridges. i was sad to see Jericho hasnt agreed on a new contract yet either
  2. Ditto. AA had better retain his title though. I want to see J. Hardy in the WWE.
  3. Me too. I stopped watching TNA for a while but lately its been pretty decent
  4. Yep. Can't wait to see it.
  5. Thank you. I shall try! Are you gonna be watching bound for glory on the 14th?
  6. You'll do fine.
  7. Thank you! To be honest the more i think on the subject the more i keep changing my mind. im not very confident in matters like this so im not sure if ive got the gaul to do it yet! lol
  8. I'll make sure to take some pics. Good luck as Miku.
  9. That's Amazing, Me and my family are heading to the mcm expo near us the end of november and im going as miku! >_> love the hair. Your mask is so cool. If you get chance please take pics. i got my pic taken with a scarecrow a couple of years ago and he was phenomenal lol
  10. Pretty good.

    I have the suit and the mask so I'm pretty much set. I've put the plans together for a fear gas sprayer so I'm gonna start constructing it.
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