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  1. no i still cant leave comments on blogs maybe 1 out of 10 comments show up
  2. give it a try now... im not sure why its happening, all the permissions seems to be right.
  3. Hey sorry to bother you Frank but every time i Post a comment on a blog it wont show up, I even Try to comment on my on blogs and it wont show up, its been doing this for monthes... Can you please let me know how to fix the problem
  4. Frank my part 2 blog on The Greatest wrestlers of the 90's is still not apprved... Alot of Blogs are getting approved, including one i wrote way after I wrote the Greatest wrestlers of the 90's Blog... Is their a reason its not approved?
  5. Hey sorry to bother you boss man but I have two blog still pending for approval, The "Whos the Greatest Wrestler of the 90's part 2" and the" Smackdown world title" Blog.... if there is a problem why they wont get approved please let me know. Thanks
  6. I fixed the pic in my Blog is there any way you could please give it the ok.
  7. I dont know what pic your talking baout, but there was one dead link and i fixed it so im assuming that was it.
  8. fix your photos in your latest blog, ill approve it
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