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  1. okay, never mind, but i thought i was the first because i never saw a thread like that?
  2. Hey sorry mate, I cant' change who started it. This other person could have started a similar thread before you, or it was chosen to be merged in such manner. Sorry man *
  3. Link me the thread, I don't know if I can change it. We'll see if that's possible
  4. okay sir! but can you put my name under it
  5. Is it a duplicate thread? Its better for the site to merge those topics so everyone can discuss those topics in one thread. If its not a duplicate thread, then you can ask the mods to restore it.
  6. yeah, can i have my own back and can you stick it like it was yesterday
  7. there is very little information on that topic... is there a question you have for me?
  8. Hi frank, can you please read the new NOC?
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