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  1. Believe me it's worth putting up with the music!
  2. I'm not one for clubs (don't really like the crappy music!), but I like the sound of the last part
  3. Brilliant nightlife, clubs and pubs! Plus women of loose virtue!
  4. What's there in NewCastle?
  5. Check out Newcastle then!
  6. I'm coming to the UK next time I'm taking a holiday
  7. They can be, especially if you pour a few Bacardi Breezers in to them!
  8. Odd question but just brit girls shag a lot there?
  9. Fair play mate!

    Damn straight! Need to get to Black Ninja at least!
  10. Same here! Plus I started a strict diet plan and working out, so that keeps me fairly busy and tired! Postwhore as much as you can before the work picks up
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