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  1. No one has talked to you in over a YEAR!!! You better be okay. If you get this, make sure you respond bro. Hopefully everything is good with you!
  2. Awesome! Definitely go make an account and make a wrestler! We'd love to have ya'. I know you won't be around a lot but, it'll still be awesome!
  3. I could make a wrestler and work on him etc. But I feel that I won't have the time once work starts up again Dunno how you guys find the time for all this! Good on ya (that's slang here for good job)
    Maybe next time I'm free lol. Best of luck to Kash, you and JBW though
  4. Yes. JBW is done here. Show wise. EVERYTHING is posted only on our new site. Ka$h and I felt it was time to spread the wings so to say lol. We've gotten damn near 30 members within the site being live for a few days. I think it's fantastic! I'd love for you to join... even though you're not a JBW wrestler or anything like that.. ANYONE can join the site. We encourage it.
  5. WTF?! You got your own site now?! Dude that's incredible! I knew JBW was the biggest efed on here and had heaps of members, but never knew u were gonna start your own site! But doesn't that mean that JBW will stop here and continue there? Or are EWN and that site linked?
  6. DUDE!!! You need to see how big JBW has gotten!! Check it out:
  7. Boards are down dude.
  8. Hey mate.
    Blog Wars? I haven't read them yet lol. They were quite long and I was short on time back then. I'll have a read of the blogs and all you guys' comments and vote.
  9. You better vote for me in the wars!!
  10. Same old same old :/
    Been studying hard, and will be for a while, so I won't be around as much as I am right now. But I'm making the most of my free time and posting here when I can
    And yourself?
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