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  1. I'm spend half the day in college so I usually go through subjects in college only, leaving very little for home.
  2. That's true, but I meant your study habits (if you do study that is lol)
  3. Dont know anything about commerce but heard from friends that C.A has lots of scope and "HAPPY NEWYEAR" to you.
  4. Still doing the eng course? Got any tips for a guy like me? I'm doing a C.A. - Chartered accountancy after I finish my BCOM (bachelor of commerce degree). I need help to get high marks in exams. Study advice pleaseeeee?

    BTW Happy new year!!!!! I know it's around 3:30 pm there, but I'll be asleep when it turns 12 there.
  5. I'm on a vacation too, but its a short one.
  6. Hey bro.
    I'm doing alright. I've got 4 months off..about 2 left, so I've just been enjoying my holidays
    Gonna start gyming and getting big starting early next year.
  7. How's it going brownie???
  8. I wish I could, but I've just got such a busy schedule
    I'm lucky if I get half an hour a day free to sit down on the computer.
  9. Nothing great plus college sucks so having some fun in JBW.You still read the shows?
  10. As usual mate. What you been up to recently?
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