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  1. Thanks for the respond man. Hope it works out bro.
  2. I'd suggest logging out and in if you haven't tried it and also deleting as many PMs and VMs as you can. If problems persist, PM Frank he might have a better chance at sorting it. Let me know how you go
  3. Hey man, I just wanted to give you a little inside on some stuff. I am having some trouble with my PMing once more. I don't know what you suggest for me to do now? Turn off my computer for some time, lock off from my account and sign back in, try it with a new account, or something? Thank you in advance for any help you can do to me.
  4. Cool. Good luck with the resizing sig thing.
  5. Awesome! Now I'm gonna get Shaz to do the same!
  6. There you go.
  7. Sound good.
  8. I was thinking where you have Matt Ryder and Brock Edwards you could seperate them with a "/" to get them on the same line perhaps? Also the one with 4 names below it if you would. Sound fair?
  9. Is that better or more fixing?
  10. No problem man. I thought it was going to be trouble for some reason. I'll get to it ASAP.
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