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  1. Definitely, for business. And you know what they say about that
  2. Probably for the best
  3. Hey...the whole fack fack fack thing wore off on the announcing bit in JBW, so no more efed announcing for you , LOL! I just sent that guy off into the sunset
  4. I'm more hurt you took the Mac's side there in this.
  5. Yeah yeah, you know it burned you Korschenko. But you can pretend it didn't that's ok. It hurt you "minty, minty much" to quote your characters promo
    • "I burned Southern Blood pretty badly in that temporary JBW thread, check it out"

    • ‚Äč LOL, funny, but no burns here.
  6. I'm not sure who it is, I was working at the time. But it's hard to tell with people using proxy servers.
  7. The sad thing is the minute I saw that name I said "Nope! Get em outta here!" , I just didn't wanna take no chances with it possibly being THAT guy, lol...Though thinking back...I'm sure he's IP banned.
  8. Yea,got to love THAT guy .
  9. Oh I see. You're welcome
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