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  1. I understand that. I might give it a few episodes to see if I like it, but knowing me, and the fact that I watch most comedies on network tv, ill probably be hooked
  2. No, that show has left me with a sour taste in my mouth.
  3. So do you think you'll watch How I Met Your Father/Dad if it gets an episode order?
  4. Hey Robbie Thought I'd send you something to brighten your day.

  5. It's gonna happen!
  6. you sir have been quoted
  7. Thanks rob
  8. Not sure. But I get what you are saying
  9. I'm wondering if it's not because I posted it as a thread first then chose the "blog this post" option? I think I might start choosing this option for some of peoples other blog worthy posts in the future as a sort of promotional approval thing
  10. Yep I can see your blog. As for the feature post/blog thing it is whatever the latest blog that's been posted I believe
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