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  1. You a silly boy Giddy
  2. I would as it was a beautiful picture... But I was just thinking of the people, as I didn't want it to be hard for them to scroll past such a wondrous picture
  3. I'm sure I sigged you....must put that back
  4. Thanks Rob. Great to be back
  5. Welcome back Giddy
  6. Some of you are alright...but we feel you're being influenced by others who think they're untouchable and don't really care if you get in trouble or not. Trust me, they're not your friends and ultimately, not friends of the EWN, since they obviously don't care if it goes to shit or not

    LOL, I thought you were talking about Clique, so I was gonna talk about how we're an efed group, but now I gotcha

    OK man, I'll tell them.
  8. Hey Giddy, let anyone not banned know that the C word will result in a ban in future - be it in chat, a thread or in VM form. Not tolerating it anymore
  9. Yeah, they're some fine pics
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