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  1. Fuck you, other Rob!! :P
  2. I think that's done now
  3. I tried again, is it done?
  4. No, I mean the one of Fry that comes up when you post. It's still there
  5. I did? Did it not take effect? I've been PM'ing since I changed it.
  6. I thought you were going to change it?
  7. I'm only easy when you buy me drinks. HAHA!
  8. Thanks bro. If only everyone was as easy
  9. No worries dude, TDA and I discussed it about two hours ago. I told him if I get any complaints, I'd take it down. I already asked him about the seizure effect possibly and he agreed. So it be written, so it be done!! *Taps staff two times on the ground.*
  10. Hey Rob #2, you're going to need to adjust the size of your sig. I would ask you to remove it altogether as it's offensive to the eyes but I'll leave that call up to you. I'll just say this - how would you feel if you caused an unsuspecting user to have a seizure? Because that does happen
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