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  1. Here you go, in case you need proof -
  2. Its coming ya putz!! Good things come to those who wait!
  3. Not having much luck with that show hey? Lol, tell Kash to get his arse in gear!
  4. Oh OK. Good. Let me know how many efedders I piss off with that one
  5. I see it lol.
  6. Why is the sig showing up in your profile but not on your posts? Can you tell me if you can see it?
  7. Yeah. I obviously saw. I'll keep my opinions to myself on that matter. We'll see how it goes down.
  8. Well howdy-fucking-ho 2nd Rob! Did you see we let Kevin back?
  9. Oh, nothing. I was just greeting you for the day is all.
  10. Lol, what did I do now?
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