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  1. This one's for you Kashman

  2. Lol just can't afford it right now. Never be off it fully. I'm an animal like that lol.
  3. Are you off the hooter, then?
  4. Yes it was very good, very intense. I think you'll quite like it.
  5. Not once this year

    Morning anyway

    I'm about to watch Prisoners. I think I remember reading you quite enjoyed it.
  6. Just got up! You high bro? lol
  7. Robbie Staaaaaarrrr!!!!!

  8. "This is not Nam, this is bowling, there are rules."

    Too many one liners for one movie.
  9. Finished Rush. Love a good true story, and this was no exception. Acted really well by Thor. Well done for the indirect recommendation

    "The Chinaman is not the issue here, dude."

    Buscemi was great in it too. Wonderfully written movie. I'm actually watching it now lol... Never had a White Russian but I've always wanted to try one even though I don't know what's in it lol. It just looks like milky vodka.
  10. Oh man, what is there to say about The Dude? Jeff Bridges is definitely one of my top 3 actors. Goodman is such a cunt too, he plays it perfectly. That movie always makes me crave white russians haha.
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