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  1. He trolled pretty hard. I hope he learned a lesson that trolling is silly. Trolls seem to never learn though, especially since most trolls seem to be young.
  2. No, but he comes off a lot like some
  3. hahah, it will probably be memorable tirade anyway. So he's a former banned user?
  4. Hey that WillyBanger was only temp banned. So look out for his (brief) tirade when he returns. I have the feeling he'll be shut down pretty fast
  5. If he decides to say that I for sure will haha.
  6. You can do that if you want Denny!
  7. oh I'm sure... but I am sure you can point out how the ryback and bully promo's were different.
  8. Lol, yeah I woke up this morning and virtually the first thing I thought was, "there has to be some easy to find promos I can use to illustrate this" No doubt he'll pick something that was different about it
  9. hahahah nice ownage of that heath guy
  10. I was making a terrible joke about Jman asking us to be a tag team a while back in JBW.
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