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  1. Good.
    I don't want any bad blood if I'm honest. I like everyone on here.
    I just thought it's better to ask a silly question than to look even worse by getting the Banhammer over nothing.
    Steve and your shit is between you two. Not my place to tread.
  2. That's fair enough brother. Magglis can talk all the shit he wants, doesn't make it true. Same with the stuff Steve is saying on FB. Yeah, I've seen it
  3. I'm not being a smartass, before you assume the worst.
    Magglis was adamant, and I legitimately wanted to check rather than actually get myself into any sort of shit.
    I appreciate why you may have thought that, but please don't jump to conclusions.I've never given you or anyone else shit before for no reason, and there's no reason for me to start now.
  4. Don't be a smartass JSull, that was never the issue. Steve got banned for being a dumbass, not for using a smiley. If you want the same focus he got, just ask me
  5. Is it true that the smiley is out of bounds now too?
  6. This may...ease the pain.

    <span style="font-family:arial;">
  7. Too late! *sobs*
  8. Too late *sobs*
  9. Torrent, gogogo!
  10. I missed her! Damn!
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