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  1. LOL!

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  2. I know I just wanted to use Booker to show my disdain at not being allowed to twot him with a shovel.
  3. It was a no deal to using the shovel by the way In case you are wondering.
  4. As long as I can kiss him with a shovel.
  5. So I figured this page is now where people are leaving there Meme's and Gifs I think you will like this one chief.

  6. Snap man Haha! I'm off today though.
    Just happy I have an Xbox Plus writing for the WWE Fed keeps me busy when I'm not working.
  7. That's one thing that keeps me motivated to work, daytime TV.
  8. Yeah it's not too bad as daytime TV goes Haha.

    That's true mate.
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