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  1. I was told they double as satellite receivers but whatever man.

    Cheers me dears.
  2. Fuck you Noddy! My ears aren't that big!
  3. You're usually on here the most () so can you approve my memorial thread post when you get chance please. Cheers ears!
  4. All done good sir. Close her up.
  5. Fair enough chief.
  6. Yeah sure, but I think Wade needs to pop in and leave a goodbye note, wouldn't you say?
  7. OK will do.

    Can't be arsed with it any more, not what I wanted it to be so it just needs killing.
  8. I don't know about the moderation issue but I suggest PMing Frank.

    Why do you want that thread locked?
  9. Two things, firstly is there any reason why I can't post links? Tried to post a couple of story links in the footy thread but keeps coming up 'post is awaiting moderation.'

    Secondly can you lock the Britani thread please.
  10. Very strange, I thought it had been brought back at first, I even posted about it in the footy thread.
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