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  1. Feliz cumpleanoz cool kat!
  2. Well, its up to you. You was the one going to lengths to keep your character a mystery lol.

    Your call, mate, honest.
  3. Do you want me to PM you the bio for my character or just post it?
  4. Haha. No problem it will be a good thing between Ma$$ and Brock. Your debut promo was really awesome and it deserve to be tied as Promo of The Week. I hope to have a match with Ma$$ at some point in the future.
  5. Thanks, man, and, ooops, sorry, bruv. First day on the job and all of that .. In honour of my mistake, I shall call him Brock Andrews all the time. It'll be our thing. Me always getting it wrong, and you always correcting me lol. The day Ma$$ gets it right will be a milestone in ICW history haha.
  6. Great debut man. You just got Brock's name wrong. LOL.
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