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  1. Dude...awesome promo
  2. Well thats good.. Working on it now.. It's not short. I don't do run of the mill promo's, so, yeah, it's gonna be a good debut for Ma$$!!
  3. I understand bro. I I have 4 promo assignments I need to do myself haha
  4. Working on it now.. Mega busy weekend, bruv.
  5. Hey how goes the promo bro?
  6. Awesome bud! promo assignment coming your way soon!
  7. Done, bruv
  8. Hey if u get a second, can u post ur bio? I'm going to start working on the show in a min
  9. When I get home from work I will.

    Maybe if I'm suitably impressed the relationship can continue
  10. So did u get a chance to read the PPV bro?
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