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  1. Yo man, have you been on FB lately? I've been dropping bare messages for you mate.
  2. Haha cheers bruv.
  3. Happy Birthday, fam!! One love inniiiiiit!!!
  4. No, just make up a random one for the shows lol--not a real one haha..
  5. YES! #SHAG are on da big man ting!

    I haven't got one brudda, I'll make one later today. In on my IPod now!
  6. Ninja'd!!!


    (BTW what's Shaz's twitter account? Need it for records. All Jabesters have one)
  7. How the hell did I not have you as a friend?!

  8. Yep! I will do.
  9. #SHAG

    I need a little ICing in the Jabe thread to promote #SHAG's up and coming tag title shot at Kingdom Come if you're up for it, bruv.
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