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  1. I got your PM dude. I can't reply for some reason without it logging me off and then giving me a fight to get back online Sucks.

    But yeah, sounds fine man.
  2. Coolio. Of the four, yours is the only one I need back, but, there's noooooo rush
  3. Kash, I'll get back too you on the PM soon man.

    Just planning some stuff for the WWE Fed at the moment.
  4. Cheers Kash! Ha! I can't make any promises mate
  5. Happy to the Birthday, bro!

    Go easy on the Uzo and Sagres and Super Bock, ya hear!
  6. Ah that's cool Kash.

    Yep, I'll reading along for sure
  7. Yeah, eventually we're gonna get right up to date. It's going to be a very thorough, though, so that might take a little while to get to to.

    We've got a ton of stuff down already, and we've literally just began speaking about the time when I took over JBW. All of our eFed experiences are going to be talked about for sure. HWA, AWF, EWNCW... All of the good, bad and ugly shall be covered.

    Really glad you're enjoying it
  8. Cheers man.

    It's just something to read and because it's real and It's stuff that happened before my time, dunno', digging it Ha! Plus you and J have been there and done it all so it's good to read the stories.

    How far's it going to go, like, up to date fedding and feelings? Hope so.
  9. Hah! There's tons of material left lol.

    OK, for you I'll post some more
  10. Post some more Ha! I'm reading along and getting an Efed history lesson.
    Bet you didn't expect that from me, huh?
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