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  1. WHOOO! There he is! Lol!

    Yeah, please do. I thought they were quite good. That site was made for making Star Sign tee's. I literally was spoiled for choice when it came to the logos.

    How's the training? Are you close to having a first fight yet?
  2. Sorry for the wait bro - saw the shirts! You know, I think I may wanna use those..
  3. Ignored!!!! Lol, s'not the first time. Hope you're doing well, bruv.
  4. Post 7655 to be exact, to save you time searching.
  5. Hey, Scribbs, did you ever see the t-shirt designs I did for your characters? If not go back about ten pages in the IWA thread
  6. You are!? Amazing, dude. Talented and hard as nails. Be safe, though, broski. Don't get ahead of yourself and rush into any fights, though. Make sure you kick arse in your first fight.
  7. Actually it's not creative that's tying me up... in addition to a new job I started, I'm training for MMA!
  8. Very true, Scribs! How you been man? Hope you're feeling better these days. Also, I don't see you in the Jabe thread these days; too busy being creative?
  9. Long time no see brother!!!
  10. Hey guy, what's poppin'?
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