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  1. Lol... What's my inspiration for the promo?
  2. Alrighty then...
  3. No, pi$$ off.
  4. Can I get a promo from Brick Godslayer in, I don't need it now but by Friday hopefully?
  5. Kash, If I need something you know I won't hesitate. I understand your frustration, We are all annoyed at the situation that should have never happened. Just shows poor immaturity on the behave of some. I know you wasn't directing at us, and I know it's better not to single anyone out. I mean people need to learn to let go. Danielle got more chances the anyone on this site. She got banned for a reason she blew it. The faster people realize this the better our lives will get. Anyway thank you for replying to me You love HWA, like I love HWA, and I'm starting to love JBW just as much. If you need anything at all don't hesitate to send me a PM dude. I'd be more then happy to help you.
  6. I'll pop in on christmas day or something.

    Kinda annoyed at the whole situation, and, like, everybody else, we're only trying to do what's right.

    Anything you need or want to talk about please don't hesitate.

    Kash is always here.

    You know I love HWA, but rather than single out individuals I just generalised.

    Once Tommy is back, I'm sure I'll be back getting all "Jim Cornette" on folks
  7. Kash, please don't stop coming to HWA man, we love your input. I really don't understand what you are upset about ti. (If you are upset) but I for one don't want to see you go.I know some stuff was said about the whole situation, but it's really not HWA's fault. So please reconsider broseph.
  8. do you need anything else from me this week?
  9. I read every word.
  10. You're welcome

    Glad you caught it!!
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