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  1. Bro I've not decided to leave yet like I said I don't want to leave bw behind I was just letting you know my feelings I dnt care if toak won the titles or not and it means heaps that you would have stickied my e fed listen ill pm you soon and see if you want me to stay cause I got the impression you didnt
  2. hey bro when you are on i need you to pm me cause im stuck between a rock and a hard place.... need to talk
  3. Dude, check out my last post in the Jabe thread.
  4. do you mind if i ask the jabe sters to look at my tournament show and review the show?
  5. yeah was god to catch up with family and just relax with little one
  6. It wasn't too bad... Slept for most of the evening.

    Nice to spend some time with the family, though.
  7. yeah pretty good bruva just spent with my mums side of family then partners dads side what about your xmas
  8. How was your Christmas, bruv?!
  9. sorry bro the second toak one is the uliose promo dont delete it
  10. Uliose... Heel and the younger one, right?
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