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  1. Got a few new pictures of the Raw from Monday Night I just went to... check them out when you get a chance. Yes! Yes! yes!
  2. So what all was that Russo dude doing to make everybody mad?
  3. I figured it out, im not mad. I was getting aggravated, but not mad. I knew it was a mix up.
  4. Um, I'll look into it.

    Glad to have you back, man.

    Sorry for the mix up... Hope you're not too pissed
  5. thanks for the lift, hey why won't it let me post new threads? I was going to re introduce myself.
  6. Thanks for the comments... i was laughing my butt off.
  7. Hey dude I left a comment on the best wrestlers game thread, let me know what you think, I will respect you and Richs choice.
  8. It would definitely be a sight, but Haku's savageness takes it! In an MMA match, obviously, Brock!!!! Still, in a pub fight, Brock loses an eye (or two!).
  9. Kash, you think Haku would could take Brock and Andre? I dont know about that, haha. Andre was awful big and strong. Brocks skills are being displayed for real in the UFC. It would be something to see.
  10. Hey Hank!

    Yeah, Rich and I have been playing that game for awhile now, and it was a tually my suggestion that he take it to the main boards. I've posted one on there, but I'm at work at the moment so it's a bit hard. But I'm sure I'll be very active in that thread.
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