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  1. Happy birthday broski!!!!
  2. Hey bro! My wireless has been down for like the past day so that's why I haven't been on. I'm hoping to remedy that tonight by getting a new router but if that isn't the problem, it might take me awhile to get it back up.
  3. I am like feeling so honored right now. I'm watching The Lincoln Lawyer right now and Bryan Cranston is in it as a detective and his character has the same last name as I do. AWESOME!!!
  4. Same with Macabre.
  5. I can't find a theme for The Butcher. Do you want me to find one or do you already have something for him?
  6. It was when Walt ran over Gus' "Trusted Employees" Talk about brutal and will do in the mansion.
  7. Zapph, can you check out the PPV II card, and post the relevant themes for them in the character thread in TM..*What happened in the episode you're on about? They're all fantastic to me lol.*The events that unfold are just too heavy for words.
  8. HOLY SHIT!!! Season 3 Episode 12 Half Measures...the day shit got real!
  9. Yeah all the characters on their are awesome and one of my favorites is Walt Jr. The actor who plays him does it really well and he has no problem speaking up. Along with Walt and Walt Jr, I also like Hank and that one guy who works for Saul but also works for Gus.

    I never really noticed but your it doesn't ever rain. And your right about the colors too. I need to start paying attention better.

    I bet the first season of Southbound and Down is at my sisters work. I'll probably get her to rent it tomorrow.
  10. BTW, Eastbound & Down season 3 is starting soon... You should really check out the first two seasons. They're SOOOO good it's not true.
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