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  1. Ka$h: Happy B-Day, favourite!

    Ma$$: I'll allow you to remain champ for the duration of the day, but after that? #EndGame
  2. Dude, if you have any ideas as to who you want Cage to feud with next, let me know.

    Hope you're good, anyway.
  3. Man my computer is still broke and the only reason i have been on recently is because i can rent a laptop out in my library for a couple of hours, but i have been spending that time doing finals and papers. I will try getting something to you this week. And it will be gold.
  4. Hey, champ!!

    Hope you're comp probs are sorted!!

    Miss ya', man!
  5. I need a promo for the big triple threat match.

    As soon as you read this... Just a few words, if you can't do more.

    Peace, bruv.
  6. I kinda need that THING, Mr Cage
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