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  1. Oh shit sorry. Yeah I'll do it soon man :3
  2. I laugh at The Clique because The (real) Clique were smart politicians who influenced the right people to keep them in power and pissed of those that didn't matter. Which is exactly the opposite of your mob of cyber-hooligans

    #MasterPolitician #RealClique #TeamKashFTW #FriendlyBanter #Lolz

    (Promo by Sunday pleeeaaaase Mr Retirement )
  3. Found it. Replied
  4. I've not seen it.. But now I'm intrigued, VannyPoo.
  5. Just posting here so you know. That copypasta is friendly banter :3
  6. I'l do your promo either today or tomorrow :3
  7. Thanks for the welcome man
    Will do!
  8. Welcome to Jabe, Van...

    Stay tuned for announcements, buddy
  9. Meh. They're just stickied threads and we were always going to get ours eventually.

    But thanks man
  10. Yeah, I feel I upset a few people for making E-WF a sticky before EWA..

    I made "The Elite" a sticky, anyway.
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