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  1. Ah shit! Common mistake lol

    pm me about Jabe man

    elephant juice
  2. Looks like you're out of practice, mate, because you just VM'd yourself

    Yeah, I killed Jabe. Put it out of it's misery, as R(ob) was doing that place no favours. Long story short, it was best it went the way of the dodo.

    In the here and now, I'm getting ready to put out Horrorcore Icons II, which is fixing to be pretty awesome.

    Happy Birthday, bruva man. Elephant juice as always.

    Hope you enjoy Mania tonight.
  3. Well, it is a bit cold

    How's it going, Leggory? You been behaving yourself, bruva man?
  4. Hey bruv, how's it hanging? Slightly shrivelled and to the left?
  5. Found your phone yet mate?

    hope all is well in Samland!
  6. What you like? Was you under the influence when you lost it?!! Lol

    WAP me your new no when you get it.

    elephant juice dicksplash!
  7. Oi oi!

    Hope you're cool, bruv. Lost my phone lol
  8. Remember this thread from last year?

    Heres the answer! Ah memory lane...
  9. Bruv! I sent you like 25 texts and they all failed! Arrgghhhh!

    I WA'pped you instead...


    Sent you a lil something in the post!

    Laters taters... Love ya
  10. Got my present!

    My first one, too!!!

    You're the best!!!
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