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  1. Having recently wrote my own Biker Bar thing with Brick (which you read, right? ), I was fully engrossed with that segment. You rocked the Kazbar, broseph!! Inspiring stuff indeed.
  2. Haha, I've always wanted one of those gifs from you. My life is now complete.

    I've not really been on here much. Been doing the Mass MC thing and have had a couple of busy days with Reaction Radio and a Nightclub gig... But.. I'm going to read it now, bro!!
  3. ya never told me, so I have to ask:

  4. Six gigs worth of Lobo is worth fighting for!!!
  5. Actually, it doesn't. Or, it didn't anyway.. There's a way around it I'm sure. I'll look into it and get back to ya, bro. When I downloaded the latest Walking Dead it had the same BitLord link thing, but when I reloaded the page it had a magnetic link option there as well.
  6. Thanks, sir.

    Lobo's. Y requires BitLord and I don't want to download that.
  7. Mr T is a sick sick sick sick sick sick sick individual.

    Which means that you are too

    Great work, bro. As always, you're work is head and shoulders over the majority of your eFed peers.

    You DL any of the links I sent you?
  8. Got T's HI promo?

    Think you've gonna love that one.
  9. Forgot to reply man. Thanks, and I hope you did too. And happy new year in advance! LOL.
  10. Merry Christmas, El Grindos Bastard!

    Hope you have yourself a fine day, kurwa!
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