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  1. JBW thread, about to reach 2,000!!
  2. Thanks muchly, sir!
  3. Happy birthday, young man!!!!

  4. Thanks, Bruv. Well, I'm glad it'll be just for a few weeks, the EWN can handle that lol!!

    I have to tell you, since I began surfing the big one and a half threads, again, I've notice two things. There's still a whole lot of "cyber bullies", and two, man, you make, like, totally, the bestest threads ever *gushes *

    Hope while your "on the road" you think of a few more winners!!
  5. You know I'd speak nothing but goodness about you, bruv. And like many of the others, I can be around but only to check up on things and then haul ass. So, if anyone wants to talk to me I'll be able to respond here but, not gonna be on the boards for a few weeks possibly. Thank you guys for being awesome to me though. I came in like a screaming banshee and you guys accepted me haha. =) I'll be around though. Take care, spike your hair. WWYKI! Haha!
  6. Dude! I hope you're not leaving for too long, man.

    Thanks for the kind words BTW.
  7. Yeah, I thought that about an e-fed character. It takes up a lot of time, especially if you're a perfectionist like me lol.... I just posted a story on the JBW thread. If you like it, I'll send you the links to the first parts.

    Lol, I'm kinda proud of them.

    And I also get your point about the tea spot moving too slow, but sometimes, it's the opposite for me on the main boards. Still, I'll be back there soon.

    Peace, Rob.
  8. I noticed lol. I try to hit up The Tea Spot but, it moves too slow for me. I came from IMDb and the old WWE Universe sites, I can't just sit there and wait for responses haha. And I have NO time to even think about doing a character for an E-Fed.
  9. I mostly "hang-out" in the JBW thread (plug) and the Tea Spot area. It's good people there.
  10. Again, I thank you. Glad my ranting is good to someone haha.
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