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  1. M(egasizedInGrowingToeNail) is the Cybertronian equivalent of crazyfrog.
  2. Optimu$ Pu$$y is really a hermie robot who crossdresses while listening to Dubstep and penetrating itself with an industrial blender.
  3. M(ega)P(oomps) wears a mankini when he shops for energon cubes.
  4. Optimu$ Pu$$y smells like cyber fishy cyber-robotic queef.
  5. Everything okay with posting the show?
  6. I can only talk here if you wish. Phone is in the car.
  7. Lemme know what you think of the segment dude.
  8. I'll be done work soon. Check you out on Cybertron in about 30mins.
  9. I'd love some feedback baws.
  10. When you can, PM me what I need to do. No cell in work tonight.
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