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  1. Wankabilly Slutbunwalla!!
  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes bruva.
  3. Pencil prick'd pie porking p(oomps)

    Happy B-to the-Day, B(ruce)

    One love, slime.
  4. You made me lol, you anally torqued nincompoop.
  5. Spaztron McWanker
  6. Schllap!!!!
  7. Balls deep.
  8. M(ega) P(oomps) drinks pints of puss for protein.
  9. Like talc and sudo cream??

    How the fook did you know??

    **takes off nappy and throws his dummy out of the pram before attempting to act casual.**
  10. You smell like baby butt.
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