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  1. Hey, my phone is completely dead. Just got on here like, 5 minutes ago so I'm getting my shower in a bit and we'll talk then.
  2. You gigantic MILF-avor. I'll be home in two hours... wee need a Cybertron chat.
  3. Hey bruva, just wanted to let you know I lost my phone and home internet today. Phone will be back up on Friday, don't know about home internet. So, until that gets worked out... I dunno how I'm going to send you my stuff. I work early tomorrow and won't have access to a computer until later in the night. Either way, just PM me what you need done aside from what I'm already doing and I'll try to get it to you before the weekend is out. Later bruv... have a great holiday and be safe!!!
  4. Was CyberTron eaten by Unicron or something?
  5. Ka$h's man boobs are held on by R(ob)'s man fat... wait..
  6. R(ob)'s beard is stuck on with man-fat.
  7. True story: Man up, child
  8. True Story: Ka$h hates R(ob) and never wants to speak to him again.
  9. And Broc edited it like a good little Probie
  10. R(obert) R(abbit)_the_R(hino) R(apist)
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