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  1. Yeah, congrats, bruv!!
  2. Got into Uni didn't I bruv
  3. Oi, poosey'ole.

    Man never got 'is t-shirt and 'ting!

  4. Ohhhhh I remember now, sorry cuz. Will try to get it done today. Hectic week!
  5. Man has no idea what you're talking about
  6. I beg a guy do dat ting man asked of him
  7. I'm cool, bruv, I just, totally, weren't in the mood for this place last week. Lol, I've once again entered the eMatrix and am back on form. Was just chilling out and watching BARE wrestling.

    Watched Tyler Black defend the rOh title against Chris Hero, then watched Seth Rollin defend the FCW title against Kasius Ohno. Obviously one day I'm gonna have to see SethTyler RollinBlack defend the WWE title against KasiusChris OhnoHero. Trust.

    Just like you should trust the fact that you're clued up enough to ace some college course. Well, maybe not ace, but at the very least avoid flunking (or whatever word is more 2012). Lol.

    But, I can kinda imagine how stressed you must be. The last time I had a test I got fifty out of fifty on my theory test. I'm just clearly using that as an excuse to brag about my fifty out of fifty score, but, I was still fretting like a nun in a Moroccan prison, and that was small fries compared to what you're dealing with, so, yeah....
  8. Stranger danger! Fuck man, was about to start a search party for you.

    Read your post on the Jabe thread, hope things are going good for you now.

    K-Jam's stressed as usual. I'm finally in my last week of my shithole of a college but still have lots of work to do! Then will find out next month if I've got the grades I need to go to Uni.

    Shitting myself is an understatement bruv.
  9. What a gwan, my yout'?
  10. More like lazy son of a bitch!

    Hit me up again, blud!!!
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